New Beginning
International School

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Admission Process

  •   According to the Goverment regulatin, only pupils who will complete five-and-a-half years by the 1st fo June can be admitted to Std.I and a corrersponding scale of ages is fixed for the subsequent standards.
  •   New admissions will be made subject to the vacancies. No soliciting will be entertained regarding admissions.
  •   Parents,guardians and new pupils need to co-operate with the school authorities to ensure smooth admissions process.
  •   Original Birth certificate is to be produced at the time of admission for verification of age.
  •  A pupile who has attended any recongnized school cannot be admitted without a leaving certifiacte from the school.
  •  e session starts have to pay their class-fees for the full term.
  •   No Leaving Certificate will be Issued till the School Dues are Paid.

    List Of Document

  •   There recent photograph of the child,one has to be pasted on the application form.
  •   Photocopy of the birth certificate,original Birth certificate (for Grade I)
  •   Photocopy of the Proof of residence(ration card/ Aadhar card)
  •   Photocopy of the latest mark sheet,if applocable.
  •   Original Transfer certificate (for Grade II and above)
Note : Signature of both the parents/guardians is compulsory on all the forms.
Overwriting of any information in the application forms is not permitted. In case of any overwriting kindly filla fresh form.

Admission Form